A few words about us

Our foundation was created as a neutral organization in this war. We’re not going to take sides or blame the whole incident. The foundation was created to help all those in need on the territory of Ukraine who suffered from this war. We are sure that we are not alone in this opinion and will do everything in our power to collect the largest budget for effective assistance to those in need.

The fund includes a board of directors and a Ukrainian team that will be localized directly on the territory of Ukraine for a full understanding of the situation, analysis of damage and control of the delivery of goods, control over the work and delivery of financial assistance. Thus, our foundation will be able to interact directly with residents and process their requests.

During our professional experience, we have been able to develop a long list of contacts and trusted persons in various fields and areas around the world and especially in Ukraine. We are already actively working with various independent press and communications companies in Ukraine to better understand the situation in the country and adapt our strategy.

NFT creation

The first step to raise the fund, it was decided to make an NFT project for its consideration: https://opensea.io/collection/let-stay-free-toghether.


A website has also been created to keep all documentation about the fund, its team members, as well as our mission and all financial activities.


When the third part of our strategy is activated, a legal entity of the fund will be created

Oleksandr Karpukhin

Human Resources and Target Mission Management Agent

Co-founder of the crypto company ILUSIUM STUDIO LTD, CEO of GerDaRi Trade s.r.o. and financial market specialist

Responsible for

Cost control

Studying the needs of Ukrainian residents and upcoming requests

Recruiting and accompanying team members



Financial agent and marketer

Co-founder of crypto company Nodeseeds and crypto company ILUSIUM STUDIO LTD, as well as financial analyst at Alter Domus

Responsible for

Distribution of funds based on the approved fund strategy

Searching for the best opportunities for safe and profitable investments of the fund for its development.

Financial reports
Marketing strategy implementation