A few words about our strategy

After analyzing the whole situation, we created a strategy in three stages, which will be activated depending on the development of the budget and the situation in Ukraine.


Our fund will be used to procure essential goods that the country needs and deliver to various destinations through our contacts in Ukraine


The second part of our strategy is to spend the budget to repair buildings and apartments in Ukraine to make them viable again.


The third part of the strategy to help Ukrainian peoples is financial life support for families who have lost their family members.

The perfect budget for maximum implementation of strategies and optimal assistance is 30 million dollars:

– 7 million will go to humanitarian aid (Part 1)
– 10 million will be spent on the restoration of residential buildings to bring them into a state suitable for life (Part 2)
– 10 million will go towards lifelong assistance to families who have lost their members in this war (Part 3)
– 3 million for the aforementioned project expenses, part of which will be invested in a stable cryptocurrency in order to pay all further expenses for lifelong maintenance of the fund and to remain independent of external influences.