Strategy 1: Humanitarian Goods

Today, most of the Ukraine is in fear due to hostilities in the country. Children do not go to school. Elderly, sick and lonely people often have no one to support. Kharkov, Irpen, Bucha and other cities are subject to severe bombing and shelling. Stores are short of groceries and basic necessities. People who want to leave the war zone are often deprived of such an opportunity

Providing assistance to support the population located in conflict zones is the priority of the first part of our foundation’s strategy. At the moment, according to our sources, hospitals often lack the most basic kit of equipment to help victims – bandages, syringes, medicine. People cannot buy the essentials they need given the lack of availability. Beverages and food are running out. Lonely people, people with disabilities and the elderly often cannot count on timely assistance from social workers and services.

The first part of the strategy will be activated if the funds budget, is less than one million. Depending on the budget, essential goods that the country needs now will be purchased and delivered to various destinations through our channels on the border with Ukraine. The priority at that time will be cities and towns, where there still are large amounts of people and in which the store shelves are already empty. We will also coordinate our shipments with other volunteer groups for the best benefit to the people.

Based on the information received from the country, we decided to break the variety of goods into three categories, depending on the received budget (a complete list will be compiled at the time of the collected budget and information about the needs of the country will be shared)

Budget less than 1 million

Canned food, Water, Cereals, Disposable cutlery, Toilet paper, Hygiene essentials, Etc.

Budget less than 4 million

Paracetamol, Antibiotics, Anti-allergic drugs, Antipyretic tablets, Bandages, First aid kit, …

Budget less or more than 7 million

Mobile breathing apparatus, Mobile surgical devices, Mobile resuscitators/defibrillators, …

The task of the board of directors will be to purchase the right goods at the lowest prices. In order to implement the first part of the strategy to help the Ukrainian people, the team will need to recruit people who will transport the purchased goods. Therefore, a budget will be allocated to pay for such workers and fuel.

We have already established contact to groups of people involved in transportation from Europe to Ukraine and are at the stage of negotiations. With our border contacts and carriers, this mission should be a great success.