Strategy 3 – Financial Assistance for Life

Inevitably, military action in any country leads to destruction and casualties. At the moment, the main goal of Ukraine is to protect the country and its citizens. At the height of the war, people think about how to survive, but after the war, there will come a moment when they begin to mourn the dead. At the moment, based on unverified information, 3.5 thousand civilians have died/disappeared on the territory of Ukraine. We will be able to collect reliable information only after the end of hostilities and stabilization of the situation on the territory of the UkraineBut the fact remains that there are dead, some from of the military skirmishes, some from debris and destruction of buildings.

Of course, the most terrible moral side concerns children, their death or the death of their parents. There are also terrible losses in the family of people who earned their bread. This situation will greatly affect not only the feelings of the people, but also their financial situation, creating an already painful burden of the post-war period.

The third part of the strategy to help Ukrainian citizens is financial life support for families who have lost family members. This part of the strategy will be activated on the condition that the fund’s budget exceeds $10 million. Upon reaching this amount, the third part will be activated only when the situation in Ukraine stabilizes and allows our team to collect reliable information about the losses of the people. Prior to its activation, like the previous part, the budget will be invested in a stable cryptocurrency to passively increase the fund so that we can help the maximum number of people.

Target strategy of the third part:

Help families who have lost family members ones by investing in a stable cryptocurrency and distributing profits annually among those families. Focus on families with children. 

In the case of minor children placed in an orphanage:

– Getting information about them
– Continue to invest their part, as well as their profits, until they come of age
– At age 18, contact them and provide them with advices

The purpose of the consultation is to assess their moral conditions, analyze their needs and develop a plan together on how their money will be used for their benefit.

Additional costs are also taken into account for the implementation of the third part of the strategy

– Trusted Ukrainian individuals who will verify data on deaths and directly accept applications from families. Their task will be also to make sure that the money has reached the right persons.
– Trusted Ukrainian persons who will be financial agents of people in need of advice
– Costs for financial lawyers

Other expenses

Regardless of the strategy and budget involved, to implement this project and maintain independence from any influential person, the following expenses will be required:

– Minimum salary to the board of directors, depending on the collected budget and the scale of the applied strategy
– Commission for converting cryptocurrency into cash
– All small fees associated with the project:
o Website Maintenance
o Social media activity: Marketing to Ukrainians about our foundation and explaining how to contact us and Marketing to continue fundraising