Donation Fund for Ukrainian Citizens

Our fund was created to help all those in need on the territory of Ukraine, which suffered from this war. We are sure that we are not alone in sharing this opinion and will do everything in our power, to collect the largest budget possible, for effective assistance to those in need.

A few words about our strategy

After analyzing the whole situation, we created a strategy in several stages, which will be activated depending on the development of the budget and the situation in Ukraine.

humanitarian goods

Our fund will be used to procure essential goods that the country needs and deliver to various destinations through our contacts in Ukraine.


The second part of our strategy is to spend the budget to repair buildings and apartments in Ukraine to make them viable again.

Financial assistance for life

The third part of the strategy to help Ukrainian peoples is financial life support for families who have lost their family members.

Our Board Members

The Board of Directors includes: Maxim Lean, co-founder of the crypto company Nodeseeds and the crypto company ILUSIUM STUDIO LTD, as well as a financial analyst at Alter Domus; Oleksandr Karpukhin co-founder of the crypto company ILUSIUM STUDIO LTD, CEO of GerDaRi Trade s.r.o. and financial market specialist.

Oleksandr Karpukhin


Maxime Lean


During our work, we have managed to develop a rich list of contacts and trusted persons in various fields and areas around the world and especially in Ukraine. We are already actively working with various independent media and communication companies in Ukraine to better understand the situation in the country and adapt our strategy.

Join us! Do not be indifferent!

Financial activity

It’s no secret that corruption has been rampant in Ukraine for a long time. In 2012, the international audit company Ernst & Young put Ukraine in the top three most corrupt countries in the world along with Colombia and Brazil.

In the light of the above, it was decided to implement the foundation’s budget personally, without involving external companies. Therefore, on a regular basis, we will be able to provide a thorough and transparent financial report on the activities of the fund. The report will contain all spending and increasing of the fund’s budget, as well as the latest news about the situation in the country.

This report will be freely available on our website, as well as in our social networks.